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Specialised forestry and logging simulator game is here. Play in open world with realistic vehicle and tree physics, deformable terrain and specialised forestry vehicles! You'll be driving off-road as you try to get logs to their destination, playing in first person and handling chainsaw and axe, getting stuck in the mud and much more.

Unique Trees Simulation

In this game trees are simulated up to individual branch. You can bend them, cut with an axe or even grab with the skidder grapple. Log cuts are precise and not scripted or predetermined in any way, so there are technically unlimited amount of types of trees possible in the game simulation.

Deformable Terrain and Mud

Terrain is realistically generated with different textures of dirt, mud and stone. Depending on the material vehicle behaviour is affected, as well as some areas on the map are permanently deform-able.

Specialised Forestry Machines

Being a forestry game it is all about the vehicles! First release of the game includes wheeled buncher, forwarder, harvester, grapple skidder, knuckle boom loader, logging hauler and pickup truck.

Realistic Off-road Physics

Suspension and traction in the game are fully simulated, as well as transmission, gears and differential. The given off-road situation will demand the right vehicle setup and require understanding of the machine you're operating.

Open World Playground

Game will take you through introduction levels to get introduced to the game mechanics, after that it is all up to you!

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