Hereby list of features for next couple of months, and the planned progress. This list may change at any time!

January 2019

[x] Forwarder and Harvester vehicles

[x] HUD for vehicle diff/controls/map

[x] Sawdust

February 2019

[x] Pickup truck

[x] Vehicle garage

March 2019

Steam: Coming soon

Map invisible walling

Buildings (mill, fuel, garage)

HUD map

April 2019

Logging truck vehicle with semi trailer

Knuckle-boom loader

Logging areas

May 2019

Main menu, level selection

Introduction levels, open world level

June 2019

Buy logging area

Vehicles fuel, buy fuel

Selling logs

Buying equipment

Economy/Level completion conditions

July 2019

Water/mud particles

Terrain decals/effects

Environment sounds

Polishing details

August 2019

Steam: Early Access


Terrain details/Props

Upgrade to Unity 2018.3

Basic mods (Steerable vehicles)

Rivers and bridges, puddles

Road building/ debris cleaning

Advanced mods (Articulated vehicles, Hydraulics, Boom setup)

User designed terrain/maps