Coming to Early Access

Early Access is all about supporting the game as it develops. Here are our best ideas for future of the game:


It would be great to be able to customize and personalize your trucks, by adding lights, colors, liveries, props, but also cool functional elements, like winches. All this in the garage setting in-game.


Keeping the truck running is even harder with advanced damage model. Hitting the engine or transmission parts will ruin them, so be careful.  Also, don't overload the hydraulic systems!


Everyone likes mods, be it the custom maps, vehicles or just any object that can be imported in the game. This one is high on the priority list, because community has asked for it!


Map features

Existing maps are awesome, and to make it better we plan to have weather, running water, forest undergrowth, different road types and even bigger map sizes!

More forestry

Yeah, so we will need to have a chipper, yarder, line skidder, tracked vehicles. That would be great...


Want to play with your friends? Say no more!


Could you build structures from logs and beams? Bridge that valley and make a ramp to climb, whatever you imagine - it is possible!