Free Download

Free download / Cracked version of the Lumberjack Simulator game could be already found online. However keep these thoughts in mind before choosing that route:

  • cracked version is ancient, the game has changed a lot in the mean time
  • cracked version may contain malware or viruses that could damage your personal data or compromise your privacy
  • it will not allow you to play with awesome mods from our community
  • it will not receive automatic bug fixes via Steam
  • it will not get latest additions and features via Steam as the game develops
  • it will not get upgraded to full version at the end of Early Access
  • original price is as buying 1 warm meal for the developer working on this in the past several years
  • if you don't like the game in the end - you can refund via Steam


If you like the game please consider buying and supporting the future updates. We are against charging multiple times for the same game through pay to win, or paid DLCs!



the Developer