About me

Started playing arcades in '80s and PC and Nintendo in '90s, my favourite game genres are FPS, RTS, driving and simulations.

Developing games was always a passion, started with making ASCII games in Basic on Z80 platform, later in C/C++, Pascall/Delphi, these days its C#.

Favourites: Starcraft, Space Engineers, Tycoon games, driving games.

After having more than 15 years of (non-games) software development experience on different projects, I started playing with Unity with aim of finishing a game.

Lumberjack Simulator is my first game and is inspired by simulation games such as EuroTruck, Spintires and Farming Simulator. The distinction is in combining off-road and simulation genres, offering realistic tree physics and easy way to add vehicles and behaviours to the game through mods (to be added in later stages).

I hope you enjoy my game! If you have any comments, drop me a message through Contact

About me